Presidente Venezuela acusa a Twitter de “ataque masivo” a su cuenta en la red social

El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, denunció el jueves que Twitter atacó su cuenta y la de otros funcionarios en la red social y una ministra de su Gobierno aseguró que se están pidiendo explicaciones a la empresa estadounidense.

La ministra de Comunicación, Delcy Rodríguez, dijo que detectaron el retiro de unos 6.600 seguidores de la cuenta @NicolasMaduro, así como la suspensión de su cuenta @DrodriguezMinci y de colaboradores del mandatario venezolano.

“Estamos descubriendo un ataque masivo de la empresa Twitter y de la derecha internacional contra las cuentas de los patriotas bolivarianos y chavistas”, dijo Maduro en un acto de gobierno transmitido por el canal estatal de televisión.

Maduro, que asumió la presidencia en abril para suceder al fallecido líder socialista Hugo Chávez, dijo que el supuesto ataque se debe a que la red social es uno de los canales que usa para informar las actividades de Gobierno.

El presidente suele anunciar medidas, arengar a sus seguidores y criticar a sus enemigos por la red social, en la que debutó en marzo de este año y en donde ya suma más de 1,4 millones de seguidores.

“Esto es alarmante realmente. Nosotros estamos en este momento haciéndole el reclamo a esta empresa y exigimos una explicación”, dijo Rodríguez.

Maduro ha denunciado en el pasado complots en su contra sin brindar mayores pruebas.

Acerca de Cubanito en Cuba
Cubano residente en La Habana Cuba. La verdad por delante de todo.

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Women’s Wear Daily reports that the case, which alleges that Wang employees were forced to endure long hours in poor conditions and fired after requesting worker’s compensation, was last Friday.And as the ante is upped, Wang has hit back, further refuting the charges made against his company. :”The claims regarding sweatshop conditions are completely untrue…In reality, this case was filed by an individual who was let go by the company as a result of serious harassment issues. We stand by our decision to promote a safe workplace environment for all employees regardless of false claims that may be waged against us in retaliation.”That individual is Wenyu Lu, in Queens Supreme Court several weeks ago. But the notion that Lu was simply angry over his dismissal doesn’t entirely cover Wang’s tracks. were included in the initial suit.Additionally, after it was filed, , alleging that she was forced to work 90 hours a week in Wang’s factory and both she and Lu were fired after filing for worker’s comp due to work-sustained injuries.Now, , the plaintiffs have asked Federal Judge Harold Baer to consider the case a class-action suit. and stay tuned — Wang’s company has less than three weeks to make an official response.See Alexander Wang’s Fall 2012 show: The New York Observer:Hot on the suede wedge heels of his CFDA Swarovski Accessories Designer of the Year win, sartorial supernova Alexander Wang has added another trophy to his repertoire–though this one has shelves rather than the need for one. According to city records, the dynamic designer known for his downtown, “model-off-duty” aesthetic, bought a $2 million Tribeca one-bedroom from former New York Times Style editor Holly Brubach. NEW YORK — There they were: Gisele Bundchen, Shalom Harlow and Karolina Kurkova, along with Alexander Wang’s slick, glossy fall collection, all on the catwalk Saturday evening at New York Fashion Week.Wang assembled a most impressive group of top models for a test spin of his newest looks boasting leather, shine and chiffon in black, oxblood red and an optic white he called “peroxide.”Wang’s runway always has a good turnout of big names, but most of these top models don’t work the seasonal previews anymore. He gave them a grand stage with a complicated layout of mirrors and narrow pathways.The clothes, however, were more straightforward than Wang has offered recently. The downtown vibe he embraces often limits his appeal to the cool-girl, downtown model types. This time, the military-inspired trenchcoats (including one worn by Bundchen), wool sweaters and tweed jackets – waxed and with vinyl visors for effect – potentially work for anyone who needs an outfit for a dressy event or even for the office. That’s not to say the looks were dowdy or boring; in fact, they showed that Wang is maturing into a more sophisticated designer.Model Liya Kebede didn’t walk the show, but she sat in the front row. She said she enjoys the view from there. “I really enjoying seeing the full collection. I love to see the designer’s real vision. Back there, you see bits and pieces,” she said.Still, she had her Wang on, including her shirt and shoes. “I like that it’s hip and young.”Wang came out with his usual bouncy step and big smile for his bow.In his notes, he said, “Big hugs to my family and everyone else who has made this dream come true.”___The public was taken aback when the claiming their clothing lines for QVC and other outlets utilized sweatshop laborers overseas. But now, a fashion designer’s employees are claiming that he violated labor conditions right here in New York City.The New York Post reports that , claiming that conditions in Wang’s Chinatown factory are reprehensible and dangerous. The workers say they were forced to work for Wang and his brother for 16 hours or more per day without overtime pay in a windowless 200 square foot office. One employee alleges he was fired on February 16 after filing a worker’s comp claim after he was Wang — who just to walk his New York Fashion Week show — has made a name for himself with his line of laid-back, casual sportswear.We’ve reached out to Alexander Wang’s office for comment and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, and see the looks from Wang’s Fall 2012 show below.UPDATE: , as a company rep told Women’s Wear Daily, “The company takes its obligations to comply with the law very seriously, including the relevant wage and hour regulations, the payment of overtime to eligible employees and having a safe working environment for all of our employees. We will vehemently defend any allegations to the contrary.” Related on HuffPost:See Alexander Wang’s Fall 2012 show: eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNAlexander Wang does not run a sweatshop. period. He has an in-house sample room in his studio that makes runway and sales samples ONLY, which are not even sold. Practically EVERY single highend designer in NY has an in-house sample room for the same purpose. Do they work extremely long hours leading up to a runway show? Absolutely. So do ALL salaried design team employees before a runway show, who aren’t even paid overtime. But to imply that these are throwback “sweatshops” is slanderous and completely misleading. Notice when the story was first reported, 30 employees were supposedly filing a class-action suit. Now it comes out only 1 other employee has joined suit, so clearly there was no class-action suit to begin with, only one plaintiff with an aggressive lawyer trying to blow the situation out of proportion. For years people have criticized wang for producing his clothes overseas. Yet those same people suddenly think that he’s been producing them in chinatown this entire time? It doesn’t even make sense.I’ve seen disguisting sample rooms in the garment district, but what wang runs is anything but. Go online and look at images of his studio or watch the documentaries on him which even show his sample room. His entire studio is a classy, first-rate operation. The sample room is huge, spacious, and open-plan. If you really think his sewers have been working in a sweatshop this entire time, then all of his employees have.All you Wang fans can breathe easy: the contentious back in March .Women’s Wear Daily reports that the plaintiffs, lead by former employees Wenyu Lu and Flor Duante, two weeks ago for undisclosed terms. back in March, claiming that Wang was running a sweatshop-like factory at his New York office. There were claims of 16-hour work days without overtime pay, a windowless office and work-sustained injuries — all of which Alexander Wang’s camp vehemently denied. Duante and Lu also both claimed that they were fired after filing for worker’s comp due to work-related injuries.Even after to the suit and , the company continued to contest the veracity of the charges. , “The claims regarding sweatshop conditions are completely untrue… We stand by our decision to promote a safe workplace environment for all employees regardless of false claims that may be waged against us in retaliation.” The company can now feel vindicated with the case dismissed. The sides not only settled but also , reports WWD.You can now return to enjoying those expensive slouchy tees and soft-as-butter tanks you love so much. For more deets, .Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .My wife and I are both presently involved in a separate lawsuit against the Wangs. We lived in San Francisco in a building owned by the Wang family trust from March ’08 -Dec ’10. The same building Alexander began his business from years ago. His brother Dennis was our absentee landlord and we had issues with his inattention to a number of problems at the basement apartment. Whenever we had a problem such as plumbing, washer/dryer failure and a host of others basic service issues we never had any help in regard to repairs. We paid our rent on time and were good tenants but were subject to tirades from Dennis if we ever brought up problems with the apartment. We were forced to move and threatened with utility shut down if we did not voluntarily leave within the three week notice. We moved out just to avoid the stress and never got our sizable security deposit back. We were forced to seek legal counsel and the matter is still in dispute. They were the worst landlords my wife and I have had in the 20+ years of apartment dwelling. We sympathize with the plaintiffs because we know the type of people they are dealing with and just how irresponsible and antagonistic they are. I wish the plaintiffs luck in their case v. the Wangs. You would think that with all the success they have had in their business they might treat employees and tenants a little better.Designer Alexander Wang has decided to do it up this year, broadcasting his show on the American Eagle LED screen on 46th and Broadway in Times Square, .”This is a New York brand, and so much of our inspiration is from here,” Wang said. “I wanted to bring it to the people of New York and make it a part of the landscape.”The show will be projected at 6 p.m. on Saturday. It will also be streamed live on one hour earlier, at 5 p.m.For more Fashion Week news, visit . eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpdedrOwQXI3XX%2B5yNRDO7ET5XeB1iGgJt5ECdU5oFZYECIvEVkntrWRHbW3IytrNEqR%2Be7l59kfXhWQWiN%2FITTFFQlMQKyUnGNNJFVuJK9md8bFFGNHeB%2FhnY5%2B3%2B4IJ6%2BJocFQHUE6%2FNEW YORK, N.Y. – The audience at Alexander Wang is trained to know the best is coming last.The mostly inventive black-and-white, pieced-leather looks, many seemingly held together by fishing wire, that filled the first part of Saturday’s show at New York Fashion Week would have held Wang’s place as one of the princes of cool. There were sporty parkas, tops inspired by hockey jerseys and even some more refined halter dresses.Wang could have called it a collection and be done with it.However, the final parade of nine models — all wearing a cream colour — had their embroidered tank tops, pencil skirts, crewneck dresses and Bermuda shorts turn into glow-in-the-dark lightsticks when they assumed a final pose on the runway and the lights went out.Wang also created a stir by having model Liberty Ross — the wife of the director who Kristen Stewart had an affair with — walk the runway, along with the likes of Erin Wasson. Jennifer Aniston fiance actor Justin Theroux sat in the front row along with rapper A$AP Rocky.In his notes, Wang said his spring collection aimed for “a linear quality” without too much sharpness.”The juxtaposition of tension and suspension are captured between structure and fluidity while dissected pieces build on a new silhouette, which embodies lightness and delicacy,” he said.While the final results seemed simple at times, Wang explained that garments went through much fabric manipulation to get graphic results that didn’t seem harsh.”In such a short time, Alex has redefined urban utility,” observed Laura Brown, Harper’s Bazaar features and special projects director. “There’s always a sexiness to his clothes, but this season he brought a glamour, too.”She picked a cut-out silver dress as her favourite. Meanwhile, model Maria Bradley said backstage before the show that she’d like to take home the silver T-shirt and black shorts she was to wear on the catwalk. “I wore his clothes from last season today. His clothes are the best!”For the last few seasons, designers have dipped and dabbed in their primary coloured paint pots and mixed around with hues and shades until their collections became bright, bubbling specimens of vibrant colour. But now, the Crayola boxes have been stacked away, paint palettes washed and prepped for a new age; the age of the return of monochrome.Barneys New York The Window:Before we headed off for the Europe shows, we created a final recap of the most relevant trends from this past New York Fashion Week. Sporty flourishes, luxe fur, a grunge moment: this is what fall 2011 holds in store. See for yourself below.We can’t wait to share what we see in Europe! Stay tuned…- The Barneys Fashion Team It looks like a one shouldered sports bra with a very odd and ill fitting back to it. WHY is the fabric hanging down on the right side of her back. What’s the purpose of that? Is it supposed to attach to the high-waisted girdle she’s wearing? From the back it looks like a pair of men’s briefs worn wrong…We’ve teamed up with Greta Larkins, the genius behind the brilliant Tumblr in a weekly series of animated fashion shots.This week, FashGif takes on this sexy white dress from . Now those are some that would impress . Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , and .For previous Fashion Gifs, take a peek in our gallery below: We were backstage at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with makeup artists to get the scoop on the beauty looks you’ll be obsessing about this fall. This Thursday’s A/W 2011 shows for Vena Cava, Christian Siriano and Tadashi Shoji were a study in freshness — get ready for natural skin and relaxed “paint with your fingers” eyes. At the inspiration was rock ‘n’ roll and androgeny. The muse: Fiona Apple. “The makeup serves as an accessory,” explains lead makeup artist Christian McCulloch. It’s a jewel sparking from the darkness of the mostly black collection and the daring look of long night out. Models at complimented the collection’s jewel tones with a natural look consisting of “glowing from within” cream blushes and a wash of café au lait shadow that seamlessly wings towards the temples.Artists at kept the skin very clean and brushed the eyebrows upwards for a full, Brooke Shields look. Mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes, lids were made dewy and youthful with clear gloss, and lips were finished with MAC’s Till Tomorrow mauve cream lipstick by dabbing it on with fingers to reveal a more natural stain. What do you think of this season’s looks? Happy Fashion Week!Watch the artists in action:Follow Anna De Souza on Twitter:It’s not surprising that once again rapper has stirred things up in the world of pop culture. Not only does she have a running list of feuds with fellow artists , and (to name a few), but according to the British fashion magazine , her August cover has already been banned in seven different countries. Just been told our upcoming cover has been banned from 7 countries so far. Thank God for the Internet, huh?— Dazed and Confused (@DazedMagazine) The cover, which has yet to be seen, features Banks “posing with an inflated bright pink condom between her lips like a giant cigar,” . The magazine’s headline reads, “Azealia Banks Blows Up.”The ordeal doesn’t seem to have Banks batting an eye though, after all she’s quite the cover girl this month.I’m on the covers of Vibe,& Dazed and Confused Magazines this month! ^-^— ? YUNG RAPUNXEL ? (@AZEALIABANKS) [Via ]eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNIt’s Friday, y’all! Pick up your spirits and get pumped for with this new infectious video from T by Alexander Wang. , bringing her youthful energy to his new T Fall 2012 ads., Banks’ T by Alexander Wang video is shot in (mostly) black and white with split screens, close-ups and lots of hair whipping back and forth. Banks raps “Van Vogue” from “1991,” her recently released EP, and swishes around in what are surely soft-as-butter tees and tanks made by Wang. The Wang-Banks pairing makes sense, and not only because Wang has previously cast offbeat, of-the-moment hip hop stars for his T campaigns (Santigold, Die Antwoord, etc). Banks is coming up the fashion ranks, with , and .And now she’s officially a campaign girl. Check out the fun new video, above. Do you like the new spot?Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .Also on HuffPost: was going to perform at the prestigious … it looks like the honor might be going to newcomer Azealia Banks. of a few telling , in which Banks name-dropped just enough to break the news:I can’t wait for the MET ball! I’m going as Alexander Wang’s date. He custom made my outfit and shoes ! !!!! It’s soooo hot !I’ve Been invited to Perform for PRADA next week in NYC! Gonna b so lush !! Let’s see what new songs I debut there! #metball2012From which we can conclude the following:– Azealia Banks will perform at some point in the Gala, even if not as the sole performer of the night (an honor previously bestowed upon Rihanna, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, etc.).– Following with a gig at fashion’s biggest party? Banks is the industry’s newest musical fave.– , on the other hand, seems to be drawing to a swift close, .– are looking less and less true. Whether or not Banks is the only performer at next Monday’s ball, she’ll still be walking the red carpet with Alexander Wang on her arm. Not bad for the hip-hop singer who debuted her first single only four months ago. UPDATE, 5/1/12: Seems as though Banks’ spot at the Met may not be a done deal… or at least not ideal. The New York Post points out that as of this morning, . In addition, a source tells the Post that to perform at the Gala, which makes sense given during Spring 2012 fashion week. But apparently Minaj never signed the papers and left the Gala organizers, Vogue included, in the lurch. All will be revealed on Monday!Can’t wait till Monday? See what everyone wore at last year’s 2011 Met Gala, below…. NEW YORK, N.Y. – Bikini season may be over, but this is no time to tone down the workout. Many of the styles on the runway at New York Fashion Week flash a bit of skin here or there: bare midriffs, cutout backs, keyhole necklines.The silhouettes in spring previews that entered a fourth day Sunday aren’t necessarily skin tight, but it’s not a season of full-on floaty frocks, either.”We’ve gone so far away from overt sexiness, but the reality is, sex sells. At some point the shopper wants to be sexy,” said Hal Rubenstein, fashion director of InStyle magazine. “Illusion fabric on a shoulder or a little skin showing on a midriff gives you a hint without giving it all away.”Victoria Beckham and DKNY continued the trend with bra-style tops, while many of Alexander Wang’s looks were seemingly held together by fishing wire. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week continues through Thursday before the fashion crowd heads to London, Milan and Paris.ZAC POSENThe audience had started griping about Zac Posen’s delayed start, but as soon as Naomi Campbell took that first step on the runway, there was a collective “aha.”And then there was an “ooh.”The spring collection was being modeled on the terrace of Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall by many of the models who helped put Posen on the map a decade ago. Campbell, Erin O’Connor, Karolina Kurkova and Alek Wek were among the catwalkers who’d strut for the newbie because they were such fans of his masterfully made clothes.Fast-forward to the new season, and Posen put them in romantic, glamorous gowns with the intricate, detailed, show-stopping sort of details that first won them over. Campbell wore a corseted daytime dress with a swingy dance hemline, setting the tone. The best of the gowns had either tons of tiny tulle pintucks, mermaid silhouettes or candy-ribbon peplums.DIANE VON FURSTENBERGDiane von Furstenberg called her spring collection “Palazzo.” ”La Dolce Vita” also would have worked.The muse has “the polish of a princess and the heart of a gypsy,” von Furstenberg said, and she travels from Rome to Marrakesh and then off to Jaipur, India.She takes with her on this journey tunics and skinny-leg pants — practically silk leggings — to wear during the day, and a blood-orange scarf gown attached to a silver choker and cuff bracelets for the night. She brings her kiwi-green gown with a cutout neckline just in case she’ll need it for a last-minute, black-tie invitation.The trip is definitely more play than work, a bit of a departure for von Furstenberg whose label often is the workhorse of a career woman. But these clothes fuel the fantasy she might be having at her desk.Google co-founder Sergey Brin was on hand and Von Furstenberg and some of the models wore Google Glasses that were collecting video for a project to be released on Google-Plus and YouTube on Thursday.VICTORIA BECKHAMVictoria Beckham’s show not only looks like her signature pulled-together, well-edited style, but it feels like her, too.She’s the thoughtful hostess with waiters offering morning juice to the crowd at the New York Public Library, but she keeps the guest list very tight. She’s one of the biggest draws of the week, but there’s no frenzy of paparazzi photographers. (Husband David Beckham, however, did take some photos from his seat.)Beckham said she checks — or doublechecks — every look to make sure “it looks good from every angle.”The clothes for spring had a delicacy that she said was new for her this season, although the clothes remained substantial and structured. It was the touch of illusion lace, the lingerie bra top or hemline of pleated chiffon that took the edge off banded short skirts, zip-back sheaths and shirtdresses.”I want to design what I want to wear,” she said.DKNYWhat can stop traffic in always-bustling New York? Donna Karan in a taxicab-yellow raincoat.Karan took her bow in the eye-catcher at Sunday’s DKNY New York Fashion Week preview to the delight of the fashion insiders and to the passers-by on the street who could peek in the open doors to the Chelsea studio space.She turned out a collection of mostly sporty looks featuring white perforated leather (think golf-glove material), camouflage prints, bathing suits-turned-bodysuits, bra tops and long neoprene dresses with mesh backs and sexy inserts. One of those dresses was in the same super-bright yellow that Karan wore.DKNY is supposed to dress its customers every day and for every occasion, Karan said in a post-show interview: “When I can wear the same thing as the girls on the runway, I’ve done my job.”CHADO RALPH RUCCIColor and contemporary details took the show for the luxury line Chado by Ralph Rucci.Rucci and his team mixed old world glamour with new world touches like a swirl pattern of braiding on the sheer top of a chiffon-skirted dress. The same braiding in a riot of neon colours was used on one long sleeve of a basic black pantsuit.Crystals sparkled on a coral blouse worn with a white wrap skirt that carried the pink along the hem, separated by a single black line. The minimalist line was also used in a wearable white tunic with bright pink at the waist and hem, paired with white cigarette pants.A subtle quilting technique called trapunto lent elegance to silk faille suits and dresses made of the wetsuit material neoprene in white and bright pink.THAKOONYou’ve got to have a sense of humour — and some guts — to send a birdcage-print dress down the runway as the opening look for a New York Fashion Week preview.Thakoon Panichgul proved he has both.The clothes mostly were more serious than silly (Panichgul dresses the first lady sometimes, after all), but, come on, a little gold chain dangling between the beaks of two embroidered birds is certainly a conversation starter.”You have to have joy in fashion,” Panichgul said in a pre-show interview. “I wanted to show classic cool with whimsy.”He got that with a few pieces covered in clear plastic paillettes that mirrored the flashes from photographers’ cameras. Panichgul featured many layers of sometimes weighty fabrics, which gave the clothes their shape and structure while still allowing for a looser silhouette.TRACY REESETracy Reese rode her Michelle Obama bump from the Democratic National Convention to the runway, putting on a show of juxtapositions in colour, textiles and embellishments.”It’s still such a big high,” Reese smiled backstage after the show. “It reminded us how grateful we have to be to live in this country.”In a range of foliage greens, cool blues, warm ochre, tangerine and crimson, Reese put wide bands of flat industrial shingle sequins on airy loose trousers in yellows and reds.She mixed a dainty, beaded floral pattern on top of one sleeveless shift dress with zigzags outlined in black sequins against bold blue on the bottom. Reese worked in phosphorescents to embroider bright pink flowers on the top of a tunic, using the same technique in yellow in a tribal pattern at the bottom.DEREK LAMBurgundy foil paillettes for cocktails or skinny madras plaid trousers with matching jacket in a military green for the office? You can take your pick from Derek Lam’s spring collection.Lam’s edgy but wearable runway at a downtown venue included black lambskin halter tops and a fitted black leather dress with a pleated hem. Solid-color leather pieces, including a foldover bodice vest and matching skirt in bright blue, stood in contrast to lasercut foil accents on dresses and skirts and macrame and lace work in tweeds and basketweave patterns.Lam went metallic gold for a skirt with macrame that stopped at the knee. Most hems landed just above or below the knee.ALEXANDER WANGThe audience at Alexander Wang is trained to know the best is coming last.The mostly inventive black-and-white, pieced-leather looks that filled the first part of Saturday’s show would have held Wang’s place as one of the princes of cool. There were sporty parkas, tops inspired by hockey jerseys and even some more refined halter dresses.Wang could have called it a collection and be done with it.However, the final parade of nine models — all wearing a cream colour — had their embroidered tank tops, pencil skirts, crewneck dresses and Bermuda shorts turn into glow-in-the-dark lightsticks when they assumed a final pose on the runway and the lights went out.Wang also created a stir by having model Liberty Ross — the wife of the director Kristen Stewart had an affair with — walk the runway, along with the likes of Erin Wasson. Jennifer Aniston’s fiance actor Justin Theroux sat in the front row along with rapper A$AP Rocky.MONIQUE LHUILLIERThe red carpet during the upcoming Hollywood awards season could be a sea of ocean-inspired gowns if Monique Lhuillier has anything to do with it.Lhuillier, a favourite source for celebrity gowns, presented a bright aqua lace gown draped with a tulle overlay that gave the illusion of rippling waves — and so did a one-shoulder tiered gown in crepe. A sea-glass green gown was embroidered with sparkly beads and had a low, sheer illusion back, and a textured jacquard strapless gown with a trumpet hemline was an underwater kaleidoscope of colours, including blues, greens and purple.”The Emmys are coming up and some of the looks have been selected so they’re on hold,” said Lhuillier. Bet the gold, coral-embellished sculpted gown that served as the finale is one them.JOSEPH ALTUZARRAOn a rainy Saturday night in Manhattan, fashionistas lined up patiently under umbrellas, undeterred, to catch one of the most buzz-worthy spring previews of Fashion Week: that of rising star Joseph Altuzarra.Actress Kate Bosworth, a big Altuzarra fan, kissed acquaintances and greeted Mamie Gummer, the actress daughter of Meryl Streep. The NBA’s Tyson Chandler posed for photos not far from actress Jessica Chastain.The looks that greeted them on the runway were a combination of the very casual — navy-and-white striped cotton jackets and overcoats, for example, evoking kids’ overalls — and the glamorous, in the form of gold fringes on everything from skirts to tanks, and crystal-encrusted garments like dramatic scarves draped high around the neck. Workday looks of simple cotton graduated to looks that suddenly shimmered and glistened under the lights, occasionally perhaps a bit blindingly.”He’s going sky-high,” said Nina Garcia, the “Project Runway” judge. “A real original.”HERVE LEGERDesigner Max Azria’s bandage dresses for Herve Leger are seriously flattering — you can see that best not on the models, who frankly would look good in anything, but on the fashionistas in the audience at his shows.But each show needs to have a new theme, and for Azria’s Spring 2013 preview on Saturday, it was something unusual: Quilt-making. From Alabama.One wouldn’t ordinarily think of quilt-making from the American South as having much to do with the tight, figure-enhancing dresses that Azria does so well, but the patchwork designs made many of the dresses on display very pretty and colorful, if on a few occasions a bit busy.Particularly appealing was a blue sapphire high-neck bandage dress with “passementerie” embroidery and applique. Another feature of Azria’s on full display here were his leather harnesses, in black or tan, around the neck or in the form of a corset.___AP writers Leanne Italie and Jocelyn Noveck contributed to this report.___Follow AP Fashion on Twitter: came and went, with dozens of stars walking the treacherous Metropolitan Museum steps. But after two hours of the step-and-repeat routine, was nowhere to be seen. We waited and waited, for at least 30 minutes. Maybe Blue Ivy couldn’t get a sitter? Maybe she and Jay-Z were simply watching the livestream from their Tribeca pad? But of course, in Beyonce came, accompanied up the stairs by none other than Andre Leon Talley. And the dress was worth the wait: a dramatic black lace Givenchy confection, almost completely sheer from top to bottom. Seriously, you could see the outline of Bey’s entire lower body. Did Tina Knowles have a say in this?It was a much racier, more complicated look than we were expecting — and we can’t decide how we feel about it. Check Beyonce’s dramatic entrance. Do you love this look?Also on HuffPost: eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNeGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNRemember all the way back to 2009 when sent sweatshirt-wearing models down the runway wearing ? And then suddenly the was back. Or so many claimed. But really, it never went away. That’s the beauty of the braid: it’s eternally cool, and luckily for us, here to stay. A couple weeks ago was roadtripping around New Mexico for our nationwide series, . Besides returning with some pretty awesome stories and a nice haul of , she’s been wearing lots of around the office: , and the . (Anya introduces us to some of her muses in the slideshow below.)Being around so much braiding inspired us to take a closer look at the style. Different cultures worldwide have always embraced the , considering it a highly symbolic part of their identity. Various iterations have been named for the country that popularized it. See: the French, Dutch and Swiss braids. The styles also seem to be decade-specific: the hippie ’60s saw many a double braid, while fishtail braids were big in the ’80s. For better or worse. In other words, the braid is The Great Unifier, people! Here are some of its best manifestations…and some of its not-so-best…woven into one slideshow.Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .When , everyone pays attention. Saturday night, the former Vogue Paris editor feted with a long gown-only dress code (she opted for Alaïa, and let’s just say we were dressed much more modestly), Ryuichi Sakamot piano performance (which was followed by a DJ set that included Kanye West and other Top 40 hits), and, of course, a lot of models. A lot. , the magazine’s first cover girl, was in attendance, looking glamorous and sultry in a low cut gown with smokey eye makeup and tousled hair. After spotting Upton by the front entrance, we realized that this party had become a test: How many supermodels do you recognize? We planted ourselves by the front door and started playing. ? There. ? Right next to her. ? ? ? sporting a ? You get the idea.Although the models roamed throughout the party, Carine Roitfeld was still queen (she even upstaged in an ). Check out the photos below to see more from the Mercedes Benz and Belvedere-hosted launch of CR Fashion Book at The Frick Collection in NYC, and let us know which model you think had the best style.Want more? Be sure to check out HuffPost Style on , , and .Last season it was carnival games, the year before that .This Fashion Week, Alexander Wang threw his legendary after-party with a frat theme, complete with glow sticks, Jello shots, Budweiser and keg stands. Oh yeah, and a surprise performance by Tyler the Creator. As one of the hottest parties of each New York Fashion Week, Wang’s fete brought out downtown’s coolest kids. This included Christina Ricci, who caught our attention in a va-va-voom dress. With blunt bangs and dark, kohl-rimmed eyes, Ricci went all-out sexy for the occasion.Take a look below at the “Pan Am” actress’s look and tell us: hit or miss? Then check out the rest of the party people. LOS ANGELES — Courtney Love’s former assistant is suing over unpaid wages and claims the rocker made unethical requests such as instructing her to hire a hacker and falsify legal letters.Jessica Labrie filed the wrongful termination, wage and breach of contract lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday.The suit states Labrie worked as Love’s administrative assistant for about a year in 2010 and 2011, but was fired after complaining she was owed thousands in unpaid wages and expenses for business trips. The lawsuit claims Labrie suffered from headaches, insomnia and other medical conditions as a result of Love’s conduct.Her attorney, Joshua Gruenberg, says Love wanted a hacker to change records to businesses she owned or believed she owned, but Labrie refused.Attempts to find a current representative for Love were unsuccessful.Also on HuffPost:eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhN,08.27.2012Manager, ShutterstockHow do you find clients? Should you specialize in one area? What should you charge? For most freelance designers, comfort comes with experience. Here are five tips from design pros about how to turn your personal business into a thriving enterprise.Designer and CFDA President DIane von Furstenberg revealed that she was once rejected by newcomer Alexander Wang when she asked him to do some sweaters for her when he had just graduated. According , von Furstenberg told Interview magazine: “For the purpose of the story, I want the readers to know that you [Wang] told me, ‘No, I’m not interested in doing anything for you.’ I said, ‘OK…’ And that was the first time I remember encountering the name Alex Wang–a rejection.\'” But the pair got past it, and von Furstenberg now serves as Wang’s mentor. She also interviewed Wang for the March issue of the magazine. Kitten heels have a bad reputation. Notoriously unforgiving and frequently spotted on schoolgirls at their first social, your scepticism is justified. As the contrary fashion merry-go-round spins, prepare to embrace a new kind of shoe, a whole load less kitteny. Out with the old, in with the…old. You know the drill. The demi-heel, to give it a more satisfying name, is like the lazy lioness- elegant and refined but packs a punch under pressure. It is cooler, fresher and much more, dare I say, comfortable. Compared to the Noughties’ fantastical high heels, now relegated to the collecting rings of WAG-land, a deserving and hard-working lower height has won the silken vote. With it a significantly lower chance of developing sore arches and a twisted ankle, it sounds like a no brainer, right?Before you decide to write this off with the conviction that it wouldn’t make it past New Look’s front doors, think again. Amidst Dior’s ballet shoe heels, Zanotti’s velvet rock baroque lace ups and Marc Jacobs’ so-wrong-they’re-right stacked loafers, there are some unusually useful shoes for autumn. (Dior)A backlash against years of altitude sickness produced exciting results all round. Carven delivered floral elegance with bow-adorned sling backs; Alexander Wang merged gritty glamour with a power ankle strap to create the best nude pair of demi-heels on the autumn scene. Valentino rose to the top as they thoroughly enjoyed their fashion moment. Featuring an ankle strap for absolute elegance, sparkling Swarovskis for your playful side and that effortless femininity that comes hand in hand with Valentino, my feet are cooing at the very sight of them.(Valentino, Carven, Alexander Wang)The demi-heel is part of the approaching season’s understated, ‘easy’ fashion aesthetic. It is more grown up, more like the veteran than the kitten, and it has taken shoes with it. Match your mid-height ankle-strapped with a pair of skinny, cropped trousers, and you are, pretty much, sorted. The demi-heel tames our morning footwear crises and puts the last piece of the exclusive Parisian-chic jigsaw in place. Swap your rush-hour-only arch damaging ballet flats and office-based Louboutins for a pair of shoes you can wear all day. I promise, your feet will thank you, and so will your purse.(Chloe) Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:For the last few seasons, designers have dipped and dabbed in their primary coloured paint pots and mixed around with hues and shades until their collections became bright, bubbling specimens of vibrant colour. But now, the Crayola boxes have been stacked away, paint palettes washed and prepped for a new age; the age of the return of monochrome. Those in love with the colours of the last few seasons fear not, this doesn’t mean a return to black as the ‘new black’, no; it more wholly represents shades and the tonal values we learnt in primary school art lessons. Instead of reaching for the poster paints, picture a Dulux colour chart, and the deliberation between ‘Dublin Bay’ and ‘Woodland Fern’, the most minuscule of shade differences. Paint your own palette in shades this season, not with all the colours of the rainbow. The rainbow has played this year’s final act , so we welcome in the shading tones. The coming season’s palette is simplified; texture and fabric take centre stage in this production, and the creators are the players.This colour matching revolution appeared in Alexander Wang’s dark and twisty Autumn Winter 2012 collection, comprising strong burgundy ensembles where tonal leathers were paired with chain mail-alike textures, long sleeves and high-slit pencil skirts. The tonal method is not new to the house of Wang, his Spring Summer 2012 collection exhibited almost dip dye like design, transitional light blue to navy manifested itself in one piece ensembles paired with white shoes. The colours of the collection could not be further from the children’s art show colours of Meadham Kirchhoff, who plastered on their primary coloured, over kitsched up fabrics like it was going out of fashion, ironically. A whole material store of fabric samples were presented at Meadham Kirchhoff where collections season and season play against assumed industry approval, nevertheless attaining all necessary media exposure. The bright and shiny Meadham Kirchhoff duo couldn’t be further from Wang’s tough street-girl style, athletic summer collection that comprised shades and block outfits; a whole new kind of playtime was on the Kirchhoff cards with absolutely nothing getting in its way.Many of us are drawn to what can be described as ‘simple chic’- the art of not wearing too many colours. Women of a certain age might shudder at the now commercialised-Mary Katrantzou-inspired, big, brash and in your face floral trend that has swept through the high street like London’s very own tornado; younger fashionistas choose grown up high street stores such as Cos to indulge their colourful yet contained sensibilities. We find it very easy to slip back into black, keeping it safe as a comfort blanket; colour is becoming a big deal. Embrace it.Neon touches at the high street Autumn Winter 2012 previews remind us that we can all wear colour, however old we are and for most occasions. In Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw stepped out in close to fancy-dress-farcical outfits to much applaud; while her critics wrinkled their noses, a consequent revolution brewed, one that has now reached the surface. While I’m in favour of colour blocking, mass colour maturely combined with Meadham Kirchhoff inspired kitsch that brightens any rainy shopping street, I’m looking forward to texture time. Garments are endlessly more desirable on the best texture; cashmere feels just that much better, strong tweed is noticeable anywhere, and the perfect silk is just divine. A pleasing texture is irresistible, and the tonal shades of the coming season will give them their own lease of life. Here’s to looking, and feeling, fabulous. Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:I’ve fallen, head over staggeringly high heels, in love. Again. This is becoming too regular an occurrence. Temporarily blinded by a uniform of black and grey, Resort 2013 has reminded me of my love for fabrics. As a staunch lover of block colours and tones, as you’ll know by now, sometimes prints, embroidery and embellishment can be terrifying. The printed parts of my wardrobe are frequently tried on and almost instantly discarded when I realise that I can’t make it work. Ever. It’s a disappointing feeling in the morning when this well rehearsed dance takes to the stage.  The black pieces sit there smirking, knowing full well that they will be next in line for another standard day at work. They don’t need to worry.  When I was younger I enjoyed wearing peacock colours, but working amongst black-clad women everyday forced me into premature workwear mode. Inspired by Resort 2013, I plan to embrace prints once more. Valentino, my greatest love (yes, even trumping Chloe to the gold medal) has produced a collection that made me stop working and actually gape in amazement.  I want every single look- I could definitely make them all work, pushing through the sea of black silks and arriving triumphantly in colours and prints. Looking at the whole collection, Valentino Resort ’13 is super colourful, awash with bright pea greens, fuchsia pinks, bold reds and (much to my delight) a modest selection of black, nude and grey looks.  It’s quite the rainbow, dashed with enough heavy tones to keep any fashion editor happy.  The collection begins with classic Valentino, ultra delicately feminine looks, a spread of full length, mid length and trouser ensembles, the latter with a perfect peplum.  These looks are softly floral, clear in their design but resolutely delicate.  (Valentino Resort ’13)Each Valentino collection is truly one to fall in love with, and Resort 2013 is no exception with pieces for all days and all nights.  Colourful structured peplums, exquisitely cut dress coats that are all ready for the Duchess of Cambridge, and without a doubt the most fabulous red carpet dresses we are likely to see on the Resort circuit this year. Where Valentino presented soft and subtle, Jonathan Saunders certainly did not shirk on his print parade.  Resort is traditionally the collection for the print, and is defined by its patterns; Saunders has gone to town with this memo.  The collection is a fusion of dip dye geometric prints, big, bold and brash florals and subtle textures, driving his beautiful message all the way home.  Saunders painted his way through the colour spectrum, not entirely drawing away from his fall colours, bursts of bright pastel blues, greens and a seasonal mix of darker shades.  Resort seems merely an updated fall collection, to much relief, full of the same gorgeous shapes and seasonally bright colours. (Jonathan Saunders Resort ’13)I have no doubt that little persuasion will be necessary to blend seamlessly into prints after a long winter of ombre monochrome, Alexander Wang’s dark burgundy shades and limitless beige.  Not that there’s anything wrong with simple tones; I should know after all.(Images courtesy of Valentino @ Karla Otto London/Jonathan Saunders @ Starworks London) Follow Eleanor Doughty on Twitter:After weeks of promo emails and incessant PSAs, I’ve been fully overcome by weariness.I hadn’t given Fashion’s Night Out, that crazed night of celebrity rubber-necking and champagne-swilling that intends to drum up business (), much thought until the cutesy commercials arrived. The first starred the relentlessly excitable Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. Can you hear the tweens screaming yet?Despite their youthful energy, I’m finding it hard to get psyched about the fourth annual FNO, happening tonight, September 6. with more hype than we ever thought Anna Wintour could muster, with every high-end store in New York City flowing with free champagne, free swag bags and legitimately A-list celebs. We’re talking Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson… Manhattan was like one big Golden Globes red carpet, but with more screaming fans.With everyone still energized from the surprise success of FNO’s debut, yet decidedly less celeb-heavy. Charlize Theron reappeared, as did Halle Berry, but overall fewer stars subjected themselves to the throngs. They instead left fashion heavyweights like Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, Bar Rafaeli, Hamish Bowles, Simon Doonan, Alexander Wang and the Rodarte girls to draw the crowds. , supposedly the biggest one ever staged, was the main event.. Lea Michele, Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber were trotted out for the youngsters, while the older folk had to content themselves with Daniel Radcliffe, Diddy and Carmelo Anthony (yes, Harry Potter is now an adult). I did catch a glimpse of a very bleached-blonde Lindsay Lohan at Chanel, but she was rushing up the stairs and out of sight — no autographs tonight. So what’s on tap for weary cocktail-swilling, non-shopping FNO enthusiasts in 2012? Kim Kardashian, Azealia Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Port, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie . Get… excited?But hey, maybe I’m just being a Debbie Downer. Shopping is fun, so getting to shop for longer hours, with better music playing and someone providing you free drinks should be a good time. But the thought of fighting my way to a dressing room through a horde of college-aged girls angling for Alexa Chung’s autograph just isn’t my idea of a fun Thursday night. Sorry, Anna Wintour. All good things must come to an end.See highlights from Fashion’s Night Out 2011: Follow Ellie Krupnick on Twitter:Burberry Prorsum coat, Blumarine top, Jeremy Scott for adidas pants, Alexander Wang shoes© Reed + RaderStella McCartney dress, Akris top, Blumarine shorts, Jeremy Scott for adidas sneakers© Reed + RaderAlexander Wang collaged jersey bodysuit, Jeremy Scott for adidas sneakers© Reed + RaderJeremy Scott for adidas jacket, Burberry Prorsum dress, 3.1 Philip Lim top© Reed + RaderStella McCartney dress, (from left) Chanel ring, Armenta rings, Stephen Webster ring, Armenta ring, New Era hat © Reed + RadereGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNi have enormous respect for daniel radcliffe (who reminds us that young people CAN have character) and everybody loves emma watson, but rupe was always my favorite in the hp movies…. Life is so lonely. I am a 50-year-old doctor. I’ve been living alone since my wife passed away 2 years ago. Maybe I should get going so I got a profile on …… r?chh??k??. ? om …… under “denver50”. It’s the best place to meet CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities. Maybe you can take a doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty hot, too… – but he really could use some help with his hair and clothes…We’ve teamed up with Greta Larkins, the genius behind the brilliant Tumblr in a weekly series of animated runway shots.In this , Larkins takes on a pink and orange metallic trench from spring 2013 collection for at . While we know the British model (and Burberry face) has a tiny waist naturally, we can’t stop staring at this mesmerizing image. Is the new corset?Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on , and .For previous Fashion Gifs, take a peek in our gallery below: my particular favorites from paris were rick owens and ann demeulemeester. beautiful, mysterious and flattering. i would buy everything from the rick owens collection and just float through life. i loved the muted colors and( black).so much of paris was derivative and garish(marc jacobs for louis vuitton),….like it was all done before (and it was)and the patterns were migraine inducing.and can anyone explain to why in certain collections (givenchy, miu miu, marc jacobs) the models are deliberately made to look ugly, gaunt, and very angry. i realize the clothes should speak for themselves and the models are the accessories but what is the point of the smirks and snarls??????eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNeGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNeGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNeGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNRachel Moskowitz, a senior at Boston University, caught a bus down to New York last Wednesday for an event that could make or break her career: Fashion Week. Moskowitz’s ticket to the weeklong industry showcase was an internship backstage with the womenswear designer Rebecca Taylor. The public relations major planned seating charts, stuffed gift bags and steamed clothes in preparation for the fashion show on Friday.”I actually got to watch the show — I didn’t have to work once it started,” Moskowitz said. “And to be able to say you worked fashion week is so cool.”Moskowitz is one of hundreds of unpaid workers behind the scene at New York Fashion Week, running through Thursday all over Manhattan. She’s trading long hours of manual and clerical labor for the chance to be in the thick of glamour. In the summer months, Moskowitz and her fellow interns will fill the offices of magazines, PR firms and production companies, hoping that their hard work will eventually lead to coveted fashion jobs.Yet the legality of such internships has come under scrutiny. On February 1, Xuedan “Diana” Wang, a former Harper’s Bazaar intern, filed a lawsuit against publishing behemoth Hearst Corporation. The class action, a first for the fashion industry, seeks damages for Wang’s five months of unpaid labor in the magazine’s accessories department. Two new interns joined the case last week, according to Wang’s attorney Elizabeth Wagoner.”We were completely overworked,” Wang, a 28 year old Ohio native, told The Huffington Post in an interview. “It was an outrageous burden for a bunch of interns.”At Harper’s Bazaar, Wang worked 40 to 55 hours a week as a “head intern,” supervising eight other unpaid workers as they carried bags of clothes to and from PR firms, effectively serving as a messenger service for the magazine.Wang believes that her experience at Harper’s Bazaar wasn’t an internship, but a job that deserved compensation. She claims that the work did not comply with the U.S. Department of Labor’s .Hearst, meanwhile, maintains that Wang’s internship was perfectly legal. “The internship programs at each of our magazines are designed to enhance the educational experience of students who are receiving academic credit for their participation, and are otherwise fully in compliance with applicable laws,” a company spokeswoman said in a statement. “We intend to vigorously defend this matter.”Wang, who had already graduated from Ohio State when she began the internship, received course credit by contacting the office of continuing studies and paying around $700 for two additional credit hours to be added to her transcript.Despite the credit hours, Wang maintains that the internship was the “very opposite of any kind of educational experience.”‘GET ANOTHER INTERNSHIP’The Department of Labor’s guidelines for internships at for-profit companies, issued in April 2010, were intended to rein in the expanding intern workforce, currently beyond the reach of other labor laws. The guidelines have yet to be referenced in court, and in Wang’s case, they stand to influence any judicial decision on whether she should in fact receive compensation for her five months at Harper’s Bazaar.Internships, according to the guidelines, must be similar to “educational” training, must provide no “immediate advantage” to employers and must not displace regular salaried employees. If internships fail to meet these requirements, they are considered work, and subject to regulations like minimum wage.According to Wang, her internship at Harper’s Bazaar consisted primarily of sending other unpaid interns to pick up bags of clothes from PR firms. “It was all very menial,” she said. “We were barely supervised.”The work environment was harried and fast-paced. As “head intern,” Wang worked long hours, waiting for interns to return so she could organize hundreds of items of clothing and check them in to the magazine’s closet. If something went wrong or came in late, Wang took the blame.”The other interns took the subway, for the most part,” Wang said, adding that they paid their own fare. “Sometimes they had so many bags that they could barely walk on the sidewalk.”Wang, who hails from a small town in Southwestern Ohio, graduated in 2010 with a degree in strategic communication. After saving up money by working on her own for a year, she moved to to New York to start her career in fashion. “It was my childhood dream,” she said. “Harper’s Bazaar was my favorite magazine growing up.”When her internship ended in December, Wang hoped to receive a letter of recommendation from her employer that would lead to a paying job. Her supervisor, the Senior Accessories Editor for the magazine, declined to write a letter, bringing up mistakes Wang had made in giving instructions to other interns.”It was a very stressful job,” Wang said in her defense. “There was always a shortage of labor … I thought about quitting but I wanted to see it through to the end because I was desperate for that recommendation.””[My supervisor’s] advice was to get another internship,” Wang said. ‘I had blown through thousands providing a service to this magazine … It was devastating.”Wang’s supervisor did not return a request for comment for this article.SHAKY GUIDELINESWang’s experience was not unique — fashion internships, like those in some other industries, regularly require interns to make deliveries, do clerical work and stay long hours.Companies hope that course credit from schools will stand as acceptable proof that the internships are “educational,” and that they can therefore continue to offer them without pay under Department of Labor guidelines.For some interns still in school, this works out well: Moskowitz, for example, saved $8,000 on tuition by using her summer internship at Rebecca Taylor toward graduation requirements. Others, like Wang, are forced to shell out money themselves just to receive letters of credit.It remains to be seen whether a letter of credit will stand as proof that an internship is “educational” in court. Wang’s case is only the second case to deal explicitly with unpaid internships or reference the Department of Labor’s guidelines. The first, filed in late 2011 against Fox Searchlight by a former intern, also uses Outten & Golden LLP, Wang’s lawyers, as representation.Wang first considered suing a few weeks after her internship ended, when she read about the Fox Searchlight case on the Internet. That led her to Department of Labor’s guidelines.”As soon as I read [the guidelines] I knew immediately that what they had us doing wasn’t appropriate,” she said.’HARD TO TURN THEM AWAY’The fashion world is taking a “wait and see” approach to the lawsuit, according to Susan Scafidi, founder of the Fashion Law Institute and professor at Fordham University. “No one is changing their programs just yet as that would be an advance admission of guilt,” she said. “But there is some quiet attention to exactly what kind of work interns are doing.”Many interns, like Moskowitz, are thrilled to get professional experience and to be part of the fashion world, no matter if the work is difficult. “It gives you a great name to put on your resume,” said Moskowitz. “Internships are hard. You have to be dedicated … In my opinion, when you sign up, you know what you’re getting into.”Internships have long been a part of the fashion world, according to Scafidi, and are viewed as important vocational training by members of the industry. “Fashion has always been place where people can learn on the job,” she said. “There’s an effort to make sure interns get a valuable experience.”Only recently, in the current , have internships begun to generate debate. With only 54 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds currently employed, according to a recent Pew Research Center study, internships are replacing entry level jobs.Many recent grads are now willing to take any work experience, paid or otherwise. Aliza Bogner, vice president of Human Resources at Alison Brod, a fashion PR firm, says that her company received more than 50 emails this year from people offering to volunteer at fashion week, many of them college grads.”We didn’t take any of them,” said Bogner. “Ever since we heard about the new labor laws, we don’t accept interns without course credit.”Bogner questions whether other PR firms are as careful about the guidelines. “When you have people who graduated college and are begging to work for free, and they need the experience on their resumes, it’s hard to turn them away,” she said.The proliferation of internships also raises a class issue — for the most part, only children with wealthy parents can afford to spend much of their early twenties working unpaid jobs.Wang acknowledges that money played a big role in her decision to pursue legal action. “All of this wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I had had more money,” she said. “If I could just do another internship so flippantly like [my supervisor] told me to, it would be fine.”Susan Scafidi thinks that Wang and her lawyers’ biggest challenge will be getting more interns to come forward and join the class action suit. Interns who can afford to work for free have little incentive to sue and risk being blacklisted for jobs.As they stand, the Department of Labor’s guidelines are largely up to interns to enforce. With no legal body currently investigating company practices, interns must come forward and speak about violations for any changes to occur.”In terms of workplace abuses, I don’t know if interns are high on the Department of Labor’s list,” Scafidi said.Wang herself acknowledges that she has probably botched all chances of a fashion career. Still, she hopes that the high-profile nature of her case will help shift the climate of the industry for other interns.”There are so many people like me who want to be a part [of this industry] so badly,” she said. “They deserve a fair chance.”Have you worked as an unpaid intern? Tell us about your experience by emailing David and Victoria both look adorable. But watching them both in this video, I can feel the tension from David when the interviewer asked Victoria about the success of clothing line … it may be just me but do I sense some resentment there? I just hope not because they are one of those couples I’m really rooting for – especially with their 3 gorgeous boys and super cute baby! I think that Victoria needs to devote some time now for her husband. He probably feels neglected … after all boys will always be boys.Click here to leave a comment.HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. Keep in mind that the articles here are penned by young authors, so please keep criticism respectful, and help us to keep this a safe and supportive place for writers of all ages to contribute.eGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNeGHZmFyID44mYu00M5dZQhYaAu%2FAmgJCGfYy66NCsZ2EUUrkxATVpY3ZqY8OFl1%2FoXLYoQU8PvUL2Z1kZDKyyoA05FaNsFcAC5NV9gVopOsWvOjkA%2Fbw9Fv1DcoUwx8n4kIuB5Ua5hfpX3jCUjpesA7EFvdsOSuTBc8OfyGzw3GYqrfjYvGOR8QAEXbdlMhNNo, No, No…this is all wrong…New York fashion is acting like America is still an elite superpower….the fashionistas must not have got the memo about Republicans fashioning America into a Me gustaMe gusta
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